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Empowering Change Makers with GreenKPI: Elevatng Sustainability.

Save Time and Money

Assign actions to engaged staff. Measure ROI of actions. Make informed decisions based on data.

Enhanced Productivity

One centralised platform to manage, measure and report. Reduce reliance on emails, excels sheets and pdfs.

Automated Reporting

Generate tailored reports in seconds. No more hours spent writing reports that die the moment published.

GreenKPI integrates business sustainability with business operations

GreenKPI’s project management approach simplifies and centralises engaging staff with sustainability actions, while measuring and reporting progress to multi-stakeholders.

Sustainability actions foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Automated, online, and interactive sustainability reports  are quick and easy to generate, allowing for seamless sharing of progress and achievements.

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Integrate Business Sustainability

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Empower staff with a wide array of pre-loaded sustainability actions or create custom ones to suit your unique business needs. Change workplace culture by embedding sustainability in operations. Organisations with a sustainability business as usual mindset are more profitable and resilient.


Measure sustainability change effortlessly with GreenKPI. Capture change metrics from various sources, including billing data, enabling comprehensive tracking of your sustainability efforts. Whether you prefer manual entry, Excel uploads, or automated OCR, our system offers flexibility.


Generate a variety of shareable, interactive, and live automated reports. Engage a range of stakeholders with a combination of actions completed and change metrics linked by location for contextual reporting. 
Act, track and report on what is most relevant, including assets, projects, job numbers, and physical locations. Automated reports for transparency on actions and resource-based reporting, empowering your business to meet its sustainability goals with confidence.

GreenKPI Simplifies Business Sustainability

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