Automated Cloud based
Sustainability Software

Every business wants to be efficient and build a trusted brand.

Not every business has the time to adjust or wants to pay for a sustainability consultant.

GreenKPI is the answer to time, cost and knowledge constraints.


  • Intuitive dashboard indicating resource use and trends
  • View the current status of your sustainability progress


  • Automated resource consumption and costs
  • Measure improvements against baseline


  • Delegate tasks in two clicks to generate actionable emails for staff members
  • Closed loop communications on responsibilities and completed tasks


  • Automated Sustainability reports on achievements, plans and targets
  • External sustainability reports with infographics to build brand trust

GreenKPI is like a sustainability consultant in a box

Most sustainability software options provide metrics and reporting.
GreenKPI also manages for sustainability with assignable tasks.


  • Choose from thousands of tasks to reduce costs and risk while improving productivity and sales
  • Monitor costs and trends across multiple locations with the interactive Dashboard
  • Save time with automatically uploaded expenses from your accounting software
  • Publish global standard sustainability reports in minutes
  • Only pay for Topics relevant to your business
  • Secure and reliable with expert support
  • Cloud based subscription - no contracts

How does GreenKPI reduce costs and increase sales?

  • Improved productivity with sustainability management 
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Increase sales by building brand trust through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Automated sustainability reports to global standards to share your CSR
  • Manage risk across consumer demand, supply chain, financial and legislative trends and resource availability
  • It makes business sense: For a business with a 5% margin, every $1000 saved equates to an extra $20,000 in sales.

What does GreenKPI do?

  • Automated upload of accounting details to measure, monitor and report
  • Baseline and production unit for accurate monitoring of improvements
  • Quick and easy target setting and guidance for sustainability strategies across Social, Economic and Environment
  • Assign preloaded tasks designed to improve social, economic and environmental impacts
  • Internet of Things integrations to automate real-time data
  • Monitor gains and trends with interactive Dashboard graphs
  • Generate sustainability reports in minutes to share improvements associated with tasks completed 
  • Build brand trust with infographics to meet Corporate Social Responsibility expectations
  • Display compliance with consumer, institutional and political demand for reduced rates of natural resource consumption
  • Improve ethical business practices with supply chain management

Plans & Pricing

Current subscription rates exist for founding members of GreenKPI.

Join now and only pay $11 per topic. 

Start with Energy and start saving today.

Talk to us about GreenKPI tailored for your company.



8 Topics: Material inputs | Energy | Water | Waste | Biodiversity | Emissions | Environmental assessment | Compliance

$ 11 Month ($99 Year)
Per Topic
  • Measure and to manage material impacts


6 Topics: Employment | Labour Relations |Training and Education | Rights of Indigenous Peoples | Community Engagement | Marketing and Labelling
$ 11 Month ($99 Year)
Per Topic
  • Measure to manage social impacts (Corporate Social Responsibility)


4 Topics: Economic performance | Market Presence | Procurement Practices | Anti-corruption

$ 11 Month ($99 Year)
Per Topic
  • Measure to manage economic impacts and risk

*Current subscriptions are limited to the Topic “Energy”

GreenKPI is...

GreenKPI is cloud based sustainability software that automates the functions of measurement, monitoring and reporting, maximising time for the important work of businesses actually becoming sustainable. The app semi-automates the process of improving efficiency and productivity by allocating sustainability improvement tasks to staff members in a matter of a few clicks. With support for multiple locations, large enterprises can effectively manage sustainability at the local  level. Efficiency gains are recorded on the dashboard, as are target tracking and links to tasks showing the connection between action and result.

GreenKPI is subscription based for affordability and flexibility. Coded on the Global Reporting Initiative,  sustainability reports meet global standards. Eventually, we will offer all 18 Topics within the Social, Economic and Environment modules of the GRI, plus 2 management and stakeholder engagement Topics. Soon after that, we will align with ISO and other reporting frameworks to support the trend towards integrated reporting. Our focus will always be centred on the practical aspects of sustainability, with the vision of an equitable, clean, green and transparent global supply chain.

Our Objectives

Our vision is for an equitable, clean, green and transparent global supply chain supported by a circular economy with a focus on reduced resource extraction and use.

Our mission is to support the business transition to sustainability, ensuring the changes required are as time and cost efficient as possible. We understand the urgency to reduce the social, economic and environmental impacts associated with unsustainable practices. GreenKPI maintains an ethos of social and economic equity to guide our business culture and decision making.

The Team is only a phone call or email away. Your success at cost reduction, risk management and building brand is our success. Our purpose is to be on the solution side of history.

Johanna Kloot

Johanna Kloot makes practical and effective use of her degree in sustainability with a business major. She is the Principal consultant at Green Business Consulting and is an Ecobiz contractor. In her previous career as a Boeing 747 pilot with Qantas, she travelled the globe, witnessing first hand the rapid changes occurring socially, environmentally and economically. Johanna is on a mission to leave the best possible Planet Earth she can for the next generations by supporting the change to an equitable, clean, green and transparent supply chain.

Kylie Arantz

Kylie Arantz is passionate about doing business whilst protecting and maintaining resources for future generations. After a career spanning over 20 years in government, finance and large corporates, Kylie is now using her proven business skills to develop business solutions to look beyond the single metric of profitability. As a qualified Chartered Accountant she understands the importance of disciplined financial management yet believes further business value can be generated through sustainability measurement, management and reporting on environmental, economic and social impacts.

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