Sustainability software designed for action

  • Save time and money in business operations

  • Hundreds of delegated Actions with contextual guidance and closed loop communication

  • Analytics with Automated Measurement and Dashboard

  • Increased brand trust for increase sales with third party Automated Sustainability Reports

GreenKPI's sustainability software features 3 main functions

Action – GreenKPI is packed with cost saving actions with practical guidance on efficiency gains by reducing resource use. Step by step actions are quickly and easily delegated in closed loop communications.

Analytics – Dashboard displays impact from efficiency gains including cost reductions.

Automated Sustainability Reporting – where Actions and Analytics combine in date defined reports to share with stakeholders including staff, community and customers.

Sustainability actions

Sustainability actions provide step by step guidance to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies.

Closed loop communications

Closed loop communications on assigned actions, keeping the team on track. Nothing gets lost.

Monitor progress

Dashboard to monitor resource use, trends and progress towards targets

Increased productivity

Increased productivity with automation and streamlined communication tools.

Automated sustainability reporting

Automated sustainability reports to global standards. Share progress with customers, staff, stakeholders and community.

Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing ensure return on investment for any size organisation. No contracts. Subscribe to topics important to your organisation.

GreenKPI guides organisations to sustainability, saves time and money.

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