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Sustainability for Planet People Profit

GreenKPI is the sustainability software driving change with thousands of sustainability actions on environmental and social impact.

Energy, Water, Waste and Materials topics are available.

Emissions and Biodiversity, and a range of social impact topics are in development.

GreenKPI is growing a global ecosystem of sustainable suppliers and buyers, supporting each other in completing sustainability actions.

Supply chain transparency is inherent, including circular trades between subscribers.

Automated, interactive, infographic-rich sustainability reports with live feeds to subscriber websites capture actions completed and metrics.

$47 a month per team of one administrator and up to five staff seems too cheap, right?

We developed this pricing model to be SME inclusive, so your local cafe can afford to transition to green lean and seen.

And so can multi-national giant Starbucks, with a team in over 33,000 cafes around the world.

Is your cafe green lean and seen?


Join the GreenKPI ecosystem supplier network

GreenKPI’s approach is unique in creating an ecosystem of suppliers and buyers of sustainable products and services.

Contact us to join GreenKPI as a strategic partner supplier of sustainability products and services

Working towards a circular economy

GreenKPI matches Materials and Waste to support the circular economy.

We work with our GreenKPI ecosystem of sustainable suppliers and sellers to match outputs – Waste with inputs – Materials.

Global supply chains

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