Business Sustainability Software

GreenKPI empowers sustainability managers to drive change, measure progress and automate live sustainability reports.

Reduce Costs

Drive Change Efficiently: Empower sustainability managers to drive change, measure progress and automate live sustainability reports.

Enhanced Productivity

Boost Staff Productivity: Hundreds of generic and unlimited custom actions engage staff to contribute effectively towards attaining sustainability goals.

Measure and Analyze

Analyze and share progress: Easily gain and share insights into actions completed and change metrics via automated reports showing continuous improvement.

GreenKPI integrates business sustainability with business operations

Our innovative platform empowers sustainability managers utilizing a project management approach, offering hundreds of generic pre-loaded and unlimited custom sustainability actions, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Automated, live and interactive sustainability reports engage a range of stakeholders effortlessly sharing actions completed and change metrics.

Join us in driving change towards a sustainable future with GreenKPI.

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Integrate Business Sustainability

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Empower staff engagement with a hundreds of generic pre-loaded and custom sustainability actions. As actions are completed, measure tangible changes in your business impact, driving progress towards a greener future.


Measure sustainability change effortlessly with GreenKPI. Utilise our platform to capture change metrics from various sources, including billing data like invoices and receipts, enabling comprehensive tracking of your sustainability efforts. Whether you prefer manual entry, Excel uploads, or automated OCR, our system offers flexibility.


Generate a variety of shareable, interactive, and live automated reports by selecting a combination actions, metrics, and locations relevant to the messaging you wish to share. Whether you are managing assets, projects, jobs, or physical locations, GreenKPI provides comprehensive tracking and reporting. Automated reports provide transparency on how progress is achieved, building brand trust as sustainability goals are achieved.

GreenKPI Simplifies Business Sustainability

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