Cloud-based sustainability management software made simple.

Affordable sustainability management software with time-saving tools to action, monitor and report on your workplace sustainability plan.


  • Assess your workplace and create a Sustainability Action Plan.
  • View your sustainability progress with our intuitive dashboard indicating resource use, cost savings and trends.


  • Delegate tasks to team members with closed loop communications for easy reporting.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity through automated data entry and streamlined communication tools.


  • Generate Global Standards reports on achievements, plans and targets in minutes.
  • Share them with stakeholders to build brand trust and transparency.

GreenKPI is your affordable in-house sustainability consultant.

Consumers, investors and employees are becoming more informed than ever, demanding more ethical and sustainable business practices and greater transparency.

Most sustainability software options only provide metrics and reporting.

GreenKPI also helps you to assess your workplace, provides guidance on how to improve your sustainability, then tracks your performance with automated metrics and real-time reporting. 


  • Flexible and affordable – only pay for topics relevant to your business
  • Quick and easy target setting and guidance for sustainability strategies across three modules - Social, Economic and Environment
  • Choose from thousands of tasks to reduce costs and risk while improving productivity and brand trust
  • Monitor costs and trends across multiple locations with the interactive dashboard
  • Save time with automated data entry
  • Publish global standard sustainability reports in minutes
  • Secure and reliable with expert support
  • Streamlined communication tools for team members
  • Flexible cloud based subscription with no contracts

Plans & Pricing

Our affordable and flexible pricing model allows you to subscribe to topics relevant to your business, with the option of adding more topics as your sustainability practices develop.



8 Topics
  • Energy | Water
    Waste | Material inputs
    Environmental assessment


6 Topics
  • Employment
    Labour Relations
    Training & Education
    Rights of Indigenous Peoples
    Community Engagement
    Marketing and Labelling


4 Topics
  • Economic performance
    Market Presence
    Procurement Practices



First topic
Includes 5 administrators, 5 locations, up too 100 staff


Additional topics


Add one administrator, one location, up to 20 staff


Talk to us about GreenKPI tailored for your company.
*Current topic available: ENERGY

GreenKPI is...

GreenKPI is a Sustainability Management SaaS (Software as a Service) that provides a complete sustainability solution at affordable rates.

GreenKPI benefits business by saving time and money.

GreenKPI provides guidance on how to improve sustainability, track and monitor performance and produce sustainability reports.

The platform improves efficiency and productivity through automated data entry and streamlined communication tools, so businesses can focus on the important and practical work of implementing sustainable practices.

Organisations benefit from reduced costs and reduced risk, while satisfying social and environmental expectations and responsibilities.

GreenKPI is affordable and flexible, allowing the user to subscribe to topics relevant to them, with the option of adding more topics as their sustainability practices develop. Support for multiple locations ensures sustainability can be effectively managed at a local level. GreenKPI can also be implemented as an enterprise system solution.

Meet our CEO

Johanna Kloot

I’m on a mission to leave the best possible Planet Earth I can for the next generations to come. I started my career as a pilot and flew Boeing 747’s with Qantas for 12 years.

During my global aviation career, I witnessed first hand the rapid changes occurring socially, environmentally and economically. I’ve always been interested in the interconnectedness (and dependencies) of our world, and so when I was no longer able to fly due to an inner ear condition, I eventually retrained at university to become a sustainability professional. I now follow my passion to help businesses become more sustainable.

During my work as a Sustainability Consultant and Educator, I realized that small to medium sized businesses (SMB) often do not receive any sustainability support, even though they make up 70%-80% of global business operations. To make maximum positive impact, SMBs must have access to sustainability guidance, metrics and monitoring.

That’s why I created GreenKPI – Australia’s first affordable, automated, cloud-based Sustainability Management Software. It provides accessible sustainability guidance and reporting to all businesses, no matter their size, so that businesses are empowered to operate sustainably, with improved cost efficiencies and reduced risk while reducing negative impact on the world.

Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Our vision & objectives

Our vision is for an equitable, clean, green and transparent global supply chain supported by a circular economy.

Our mission is to support businesses making the transition to sustainable and ethical business practices as cost and time efficient as possible, while demonstrating the benefits of cost savings and improved brand trust.

We understand the urgency to reduce the social, economic and environmental impacts associated with unsustainable practices. GreenKPI maintains an ethos of social and economic equity to guide our business culture and decision-making.

The team is only a phone call or email away. Your success at cost reduction, risk management and building brand trust is our success. Our purpose is to be on the solution side of history.

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