6 simple energy efficiency tips to save you money!

6 simple energy efficiency tips to save you money!

Energy efficiency has fast become a priority for many businesses, not only due to society becoming more ethically and environmentally focused – but also due to its financial benefits.  By taking a few extra steps around the workplace, businesses can easily find themselves increasing profits by taking the time to go green and become sustainable. Here are six easy tips to make your business more energy efficient today.

Manage your lighting

One of the simplest things-to-do and one of the most effective if you want to save money on your bill.  It might be surprising to hear that research indicates over 25% of your power bill can be attributed to lighting alone.   Although phasing out of the incandescent light bulbs has almost completed, you might be surprised to see that you still own one; due to their incredible life span. With that in mind, a single 60-watt incandescent light globe can cost about $3- $7 per month to run during business hours.

Additionally, if a transition has occurred from incandescent light bulbs to fluoros, you might find that there have been too many installed as in most instances only one or two 36 watt fluoros are required for sufficient lighting. Ideally, if you can transition to LED’s, they will pay back their installation costs in a year and provide extra savings in the future.  Additionally LED’ s are not only the most cost-saving installation but exceptionally environmentally friendly – proving another significant benefit to your business.

Use an inkjet printer

Laser printers consume significantly more power than that of inkjet printers with sources quoting a medium of  90% difference between the printers. This is due to a combination of their noticeably weightier components and their use of heat to fuse the toner onto the paper.   Inkjet printers, on the other hand, can use as little as 30 watts during use and 3 – 5 watts in standby mode. Furthermore, inkjet printers carry the added benefit of being widely versatile for many printing jobs from photographs to reports – making them a perfect all rounded model.

Extra tip:

When setting up your printer, enable energy-saving mode – this will help lower your bill even further!

Regularly maintain your air-conditioner

By performing small, simple maintenance on air conditioners – you can find yourself saving a lot of money in the long run.  Specific points to take notice of are:

•    Keeping filters clean and replace as needed

•    Ensuring that you check ducts and pipe insulation for damage

•    Clean condenser coils – consider engaging an air conditioning contractor

•    Keep the temperature around 25 degrees Celsius (77 F) during the summer and adjust within 3 – 5 degrees of the outside temperature in winter – up to a maximum of 20 degrees Celsius (68 F).   

Go from desktop to laptop

This might be surprising, but laptops use substantially less power than that of desktops.  This is due to a variety of different components, ranging from a non LED/LCD screen, graphics card and other internal components that draw more power from the desktop (compared to the laptop) however often remaining under-utilised.  Furthermore, when a laptop is on battery mode, its energy consumption reduces as it enters energy saving mode – leading to even more savings for your energy bill.

Did you know?

Turning off your computer when not in use, not only saves you money but it can save over 500kg of CO2 a year!  

Manage your equipment

Initially requiring an outlay, it may seem like you’re not saving money – however, this tip will pay off.  Also, installing timers on thermostats can serve to not only conserve energy but improve the efficiency of your equipment.

Monitor your energy use

The most satisfying thing about implementing energy efficient strategies in the workplace is seeing your energy bill go down. Installing an energy monitor is a great way to see electricity usage in real time, which will help you make informed decisions about energy-hungry appliances.

GreenKPI helps monitor your energy use in the longer term, tracking energy use against a baseline and helping you to set targets. It provides an automated analysis of your energy use, served up in an easy to use dashboard, and has hundreds more tips and tricks based on your workplace to help you keep reducing your energy use.

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