About GreenKPI sustainability management software

The complete sustainability toolbox

GreenKPI’s mission is to deliver sustainability software that drives change with action, transitioning organisations to clean, green and seen.

Our vision is for a global clean, green and equitable supply chain.

GreenKPI is the sustainability management software driving change with practical and actionable guidance, providing the HOW on achieving sustainability.

Our range of sustainability topics, based on the Global Reporting Initiative, drive change across environment, social and economics.

The Waste and Materials topics work together in growing engagement with the circular economy,  matching subscriber  outputs with subscriber  inputs.

GreenKPI supports a global ecosystem of sustainable buyers and sellers. Our strategic partners are also subscribers, supporting the completion of actions.

Supply chain tracking is built in through a community approach with suppliers and buyers sharing a common platform. Blockchain will enhance this function over time.

The interactive dashboard presents organisation-wide data, including assets and projects, on actions status and resource use metrics that track environmental and social impact.

Infographic-rich sustainability reports show completed sustainability actions and impact trends. The reports are user-defined and can be sent directly to URL.

Sustainability reports are designed to be informative and easily shared across platforms and devices for stakeholders.

Staff engagement is assured with sustainability actions assigned to staff, including the option to manage up with green ideas.

All assigned actions are accountable. 

The internal messaging system supports collaboration with closed-loop team communications. 

The subscription model is affordable for organisations of all sizes and structures, with plans designed around teams and levels of automation.

Can you afford not to transition to Green, Lean and Seen?