About GreenKPI sustainability management software

The complete sustainability toolbox

When Johanna decided to complete a degree in sustainability, she elected business as her major. While consumers are demanding action on climate and sustainability, and governments are continually tightening regulations on environmental and social impacts, Johanna believed it was business that could be the hero of the sustainability story.

During her degree, she wrote essays about what was missing in the global sustainability toolbox.

When Johanna graduated, working with businesses as a sustainability consultant, her theory was confirmed.

There was no roadmap, no flight plan, no signage on HOW businesses transition to sustainability.

GreenKPI fills the gap and dissolves the barriers of time, cost and knowledge, supplying the how, what and who in sustainability actions while linking metrics and reporting into one easy to use sustainability management tool.

Staff engagement is another area Johanna found to be an essential aspect of making the changes required.

GreenKPI works with teams to complete sustainability actions. The subscription price is based on teams.

This pricing model ensures that the same level of support is available regardless of business size. One team or a thousand teams for a global chain store, the teams get the job done.

GreenKPI’s vision for a global clean, green and equitable supply chain requires businesses of all size to engage with sustainability.