About GreenKPI founder Johanna Kloot

Sustainability is about equity

During her degree in sustainability, GreenKPI’s founder, Johanna Kloot, developed a global view and an understanding of resilient societies and economies. She redefined the triple bottom line and on graduation, began applying her knowledge and previous experiences to her work as a sustainability consultant.

When Johanna engaged with businesses on sustainability, she heard the same three barriers repeated over and over. “No time”, “it is a cost” and “I don’t know where to start” or “I don’t know what sustainability is”.

With these challenges in mind, Johanna founded GreenKPI to dissolve the barriers and make sustainability accessible to businesses of any size, in any location that had access to the internet.

It is of fundamental importance that GreenKPI offers a pricing model that is small enterprise inclusive, providing excellent value to businesses both small and large.

The team at GreenKPI understand that while our vision is simple – our mission is massive.

We imagine a clean, green and equitable global supply change where businesses are profitable, the planet is healthy and people are sustainable consumers. 

Johanna Kloot - founder GreenKPI