About GreenKPI sustainability management software

GreenKPI sustainability management software was developed to dissolve the barriers to sustainability, guiding businesses with practical steps that save time and money.

Think of GreenKPI as your in-house sustainability consultant.

Customers, investors and employers are environmentally and socially conscious with expectations that companies are transparent in their performance reports and supply chains.

There is growing demand for ethical, sustainable and socially aware businesses.

However, businesses often struggle to answer these demands because of time, cost and knowledge restraints.

Johanna Kloot, the founder of GreenKPI, often encountered these barriers to sustainability when working as a sustainability consultant.

For our vision for a globally clean, green and equitable supply chain to be realised, we had to make sure that smaller businesses were included in our pricing. To achieve this aim, GreenKPI offers functions and benefits that support sustainability at the location or department level, yet are affordable for businesses of any size, from the sole trader to the multinational corporate. The magic is in the practical nature of GreenKPI and the automation designed to save time.

When businesses are sustainable, they contribute to making our shared world a better place to live for generations to come.

In fact, it was the birth of Johanna’s nephew that thrust her into her 20-year sustainability mission. Her end game arrives in 2031 when she will have an answer to her 20-year-old nephew’s question, being “Aunty Jo, what did you do?”.