GreenKPI simplifies business sustainability

GreenKPI is the missing tool in the sustainability toolbox by unlocking the HOW  to improve sustainability and easily share achievements.

Founder Spotlight

Meet GreenKPI founder Johanna Kloot

After completing my degree in sustainability with a business major, I engaged with companies to understand what the barriers to sustainability were for them.

This research, along with own experience as a sustainability consultant, inspired me to build GreenKPI, sustainability software for sustainability managers. With a focus on driving change with action, measuring progress and automating sustainability reports, success is shared on how the organisation has achieved reductions in environmental and social impact.

Organisations globally and across all sectors are now increasingly compelled to incorporate sustainability practices with standard operations.

The risks and impacts associated with a changing environment has heightened community awareness, and demand, for change.

Managing the relationships between environment, society and economics, globally and locally, is at the heart of how sustainability managers drive change.

The practical nature of managing sustainability is complex and often disjointed as it involves task management, measurement, and reporting.

GreenKPI supports all levels of sustainability managers, from corporate professionals operating at the C-Suite level, to smaller enterprises with untrained and inexperienced employees managing sustainability as a secondary role.

GreenKPI combines action, metrics and reporting aspects into one intuitive platform that does not require previous experience, as this role is often a secondary role, such as the marketing person is given the added role of sustainability manager for smaller organisations. While larger companies may have a team of sustainability managers whose efficiency and effectiveness depends on a system with central control across a several locations and departments.

GreenKPI ensures continuous engagement with a project management approach designed to integrate sustainability with company operations, helping meet community expectations, company goals and regulatory requirements.

My success is tied the aggregate of achievements of our customers.