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It was the birth of a nephew that instigated GreenKPI. With the knowledge he will face issues due to a changing environment and associated social challenges, our founder embarked on a 20-year mission to provide an answer to her 20 year old nephew, his future question being: “Aunty Jo, what did you do about this mess?” Her first step was the decision to be a part of the solution. To do this, Johanna would call on her past experiences and develop new skills by completing a degree in sustainability with a business major.

The journey of discovery began much earlier, in 1983, where she landed as a freshly minted commercial pilot in Arnhem Land, Maningrida, in Australia’s Northern Territory. 

In 1983, it was Indigenous land and non-Indigenous people required a permit to live and work there. The community of Indigenous Australians welcomed Johanna’s interest and willingness to learn culture and language. She worked as weekend pilot, aircraft refueller, office administrator for the National Aboriginal Conference and driver for the National Land Council. 

On one occasion, on a trip into the “bush” with Dean Yibarbuk to check on a group living the traditional lifestyle at an outstation, Johanna had her first moment of realisation. On this occasion it was decided to make use of the vehicle to travel to the hunting ground for kangaroo. Whilst driving along the bush track, loud bangs on the roof of her car caused Johanna to stop. The hunters jumped out of the back of the pickup and run into the bush. Some time later they emerged with armfuls of food. Johanna realised that the “bush” was a supermarket, a hardware store and a pharmacy!

Everything needed was available from the “bush”, the environment. The next realisation was that we are all still living from the land, the “bush”, the environment. We have an economy as a conduit between societies needs and environmental supply. And this is how everyone lives, we have just added a few layers between us and the natural world.

In 1985, Johanna left Maningrida to pursue her flying career. Later that year she became the fourth female to fly Boeing 747s around the world for Qantas Airways. Unfortunately, after 12 wonderful years of Qantas, her career ended due to inner-ear damage from a viral infection.

With no career options to fall back on and an illness that reduced her capacity, Johanna dreamt of a farm with a view of the ocean and mountains. One day, she decided to hop in her car and find it. It took her 2 weeks driving up and down the tropical coast of Queensland.

She found it and has been living with her dream land for the past 18 years. Johanna planted native bush food trees around her house and in the forest of her 100-acre home. She enjoys doing the dishes while watching cassowaryies tuck into the pandanus fruit fallen from the tree behind her house.

Johanna’s experiences and skills provide her with a global view and an understanding of how to create and maintain resilient societies and economies. She redefined the triple bottom line and began applying her experiences to her work. During her time as a sustainability consultant, Johanna faced the same three barriers to starting the transition to sustainability. Time, cost and knowledge. 

With this broad appreciation of the challenges, GreenKPI was designed to reduce the barriers to sustainability, if not completely dissolve them.Johanna developed GreenKPI to guide organisations through the transition of becoming sustainable. She has reduced the time commitment, provided affordable pricing plans and ensures simple guidance with contextual information is available for her clients.

When her nephew turns 20, Johanna will proudly show him the positive changes her clients have made to the world.

Profit for planet & people.

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