APRIL 2019 Amur Leopard

The team at GreenKPI are so excited to share latest release of our app designed to save time, money and precious resouces. We have named this release Amur Leopard, as there are only 60 left on the planet. This is a culmination of a lot of time spent refining our app and getting feedback from our customers – you on what you need, what works best and what could be improved.

Thank you for your support in providing feedback as we continue on a shared journey in the transition to sustainability.

Johanna Kloot – Founder


Xero Integration

For our users who are using Xero for their accounting, they can now bring this information directly into GreenKPI through a direct interface. This allows the seamless creation of measurements from invoices and details captured in Xero.

Multi-location Support

With this release we have full multi-location support. This allows organisations to setup each of the organisations that they have and manage sustainability across these organisations. Actions and measurements can be created and managed across each organisation. Reporting is available for the whole organisation or for individual locations – so that you can manage, measure and report on your sustainability the way you want to.

Action Reminders

Never forget to complete an action to improve sustainability. Reminder emails will be sent to you when you have an upcoming action to be completed.

Improved workflow and usability

We have taken user feedback on the workflow and usability of the app and implemented a number of improvements in this area. Users can now control many of the settings themselves allowing personalisation on how they use GreenKPI – through our Settings button at the top of the app.

Figure 1: User personalisation

The colours and branding of the application have been improved to match our colour scheme to make for a cleaner interface.

In the measure screen, we have also introduced column sorting so that it is even easier to find your data. Just click on the column header and the data will be sorted in ascending order, click again and it is switched to descending order.

Tag filtering

Figure 2: Tag filtering of actions

This is a way of being able to easily find actions that you can do. You can filter on tags that highlight how easy, or low cost a particular action may be. This release includes a number of standard tags, including –

  • Best return on investment
  • Inhouse
  • Innovative solution
  • Least operational change
  • Lowest cost

User defined tags and filtering

Figure 3: user-defined tags

You can also create your own tags for actions allowing you to categories actions the way you want to. You can then filter on these to ease how you find and work on sustainability.

User defined actions

You can also create your own sustainability actions in GreenKPI. Against each category, you can create your own user-defined actions and then manage them like you would any other action. You can assign to someone else to complete, track notes, and reminders.

Against each category, click on the Add Action button.

Then record you new action, and then you are away.

Improved actions and category naming

We have gone through each of our actions and categories to make sure that they are easy to understand, and more importantly, to put into action.

New Categories and actions

We have added actions as well as adding a few more categories that organisations can start to track. There are now over 200 actions that you can start to implement today on Energy alone, plus the actions you add for your own user-defined actions.

Integrated staff action entry

With administrator privileges, allocating actions for staff and other administrators to complete have never been easier. Regular updates and notes are available whilst to track status within the app. When staff complete delegated actions, administrators will be notified.

New dashboard components

You can filter and control the views of the graphs on the dashboard by filtering on dates and locations – allowing you to get an overall view of your organisation, or individual location by location views.

Figure 6: Dashboard controls

These are the main features the GreenKPI team have added. There a number smaller enhances that you will discover as you use the app to reduce your impact on our shared environment and society.

Our next Topic is Emissions, then Waste, followed by Water.

Look out for some major announcements coming soon on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

We will continue our special offer of $11 per month per Topic for businesses that support GreenKPI with feedback for a limited time, so tell your fellow business managers to jump in now and start saving!

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