Energy efficiency in the workplace isn’t just good for your business financially.
It will also help make your workplace more sustainable, which is better for the environment and creates a happier workforce.

Wondering how to save energy in the office? Becoming energy efficient can seem like a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be. GreenKPI’s Energy Topic makes it simple with time-saving tools to action, monitor and report on your energy efficiency plan.

$33/MONTH. No set up fees. No contracts.

Save money

As soon as you start conserving energy at work you’ll start saving money on your energy bill. 

GreenKPI provides hundreds of practical actions you can take to reduce your energy use. Simply select actions to delegate to your team with automated reminders to complete recurring tasks.

Increase productivity and save time

Often starting a sustainability plan ends up in the ‘too hard’ pile because collecting data from teams, inputting it and then analysing it seems overwhelming.

GreenKPI’s automated data-entry, analysis, and streamlined communications tools save you and your team time, so you can focus on implementing energy-saving strategies in the workplace.

Monitor and benchmark

Taking practical action to reduce energy use in the workplace is step one. Step two, and possibly the most rewarding, is measuring and monitoring your use so you can track your performance.

GreenKPI’s easy-to-use dashboard displays resource use, cost savings and trends so that you can pinpoint energy efficient strategies that deliver impact and identify areas for improvement.

Real-time reports

Have you ever had a request from your manager that has left you trying to pull together a report at the last minute?

GreenKPI produces reports, formatted on global standards, so you can provide a report in minutes and feel confident the results are accurate.

Increase sales and brand reputation

Consumers are becoming more informed than ever, demanding more ethical and sustainable business practices and greater transparency. 

By demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and transparency you can increase your brand trust, which in turn attracts more business and sales.

A motivated, happier workforce

Nothing is more satisfying for an employee than seeing how their everyday actions contribute to the bigger picture. 

GreenKPI’s streamlined communications, easy to use dashboard and reporting tools allow employees to see how their efforts in reducing energy use contribute to a healthier workplace.

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