Frequently Asked Questions

GreenKPI Overview

Sign up and start delegating actions! Capture your resource use and share your good work with stakeholders.

GreenKPI developed a pricing model that is suitable for large corporations and small enterprises. Administrators manage sustainability of locations and departments. A small business may need only one administrator, while a multinational may need a thousand administrators.

GreenKPI is important for businesses because the efficiency gains reduce costs while the reductions in environmental and social impact improve sales with brand trust. 

Why is sustainability important for business?

Yes. We are confident GreenKPI’s value proposition is obvious in the first 30 days, so we offer free and full access to the sustainability software for you to experience the power of GreenKPI. You will receive an email before the end of the trial to remind you subscribe and maintain your journey to sustainability.

Sustainability provides actions that lead to efficiency gains and reduced resource bills. Higher efficiencies and good choices reduce environmental and social impact, which is important for brand trust, leading to improved sales.

The actions are designed to provide practical guidance on reducing environmenatl and social impact with efficiencies and exchanging potential harmful practices and products with safe options. Social impact is improved with guiding practices that ensure the safety and well-being of staff and the broader community. Economic sustainability is achieved with risk management, staff retention, resource availability, supply chain circularity with reduced loss of materiality value and increased sales when social expectations are met and brand trust is established.

Yes, mobile businesses use resources and have assets to track. GreenKPI can help you with providing actions to help you save on resource use and track your assets, like cars and mowers, whatever it is you are working with.

Yes, because any size business spends money on resources like electricity, fuel, water, waste and staff.

Yes, GreenKPI works well in corporations because we bring sustainability locally at the department and/or location level. Staff engagement is a big factor in the way we improve efficiencies and productivity.

We can also tailor our software package to suit your business when you have particular needs. Just send us an email at for more information.

Most people do. Once the idea of how sustainability can save money and be better for the environment, most people bring the ideas home to implement.

Features & Benefits

GreenKPI measures a wide range of indicators, such as energy, which includes measurements of electricity, fuel and gas use. Waste is measured including a wide range of types, according to standards on waste classifications. Some measurements are quantities of resource use, while others are qualitative to show social impact. We are regularly adding sustainability topics across environmental, social and economic indicators.

That depends on how much you do, where you do it and over what length of time. As a guide, most businesses save an average of 20% in electricity costs in their first year of transitioning to sustainability.

Yes, there is room to write text to provide any context you would like to add.

GreenKPI is a web app, meaning you sign in on a browser from any computer. We are also about to release a mobile version to maximum flexibility.

GreenKPI is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), with the sustainability reports aligning with the GRI as much as possible. Sustainability actions are tagged to show alignment when they conform with standards and accreditation’s such as the Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) and accreditations such as B Corp. You can refine your report by selecting the tags.

Yes, GreenKPI has an API designed to exchange data with other providers, such as wireless sensors. You can manage the data flow in settings.

The administrator searches for actions with keywords and chooses which ones to delegate and who will be assigned from the stored emails in the user list. The user receives an email with the action which has a link to the action in GreenKPI and a calendar link for the due date. The action link in the email opens a section in the GreenKPI app where information is available to complete the action, exchange messages with the administrator, change the due date, find a link to a supplier if necessary and/or available. Once the action is completed, the Complete button is selected, which updates GreenKPI’s actions status and report function.

GreenKPI tracks assets to show resource use, such as fuel use per vehicle. Our API service can be used to connect with programmes already in place.

Sustainability reports are designed to capture the good work carried out by your company and the resulting metrics showing a reduction in costs and impact. The reports are available as a URL to publish on your website or intranet with the option to save as PDF. The report is displayed as a rich infographic for ease of sharing data. Parameters such as date range, locations, departments, assets and actual resource or trends is controlled by your settings.

Manual entry is available with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) coming soon, which will automatically read your invoices.

Administrators have full access to GreenKPI to delegate actions, upload metrics, interact with the dashboard and generate reports. Users receive actions to complete.

Each action has detail on why it is helpful and how to carry it out, including a link to strategic partners to assist where required. For example, an action may include an upgrade to eco-efficient refrigeration. A link will be available to a supplier in your area if we have one to offer.


You will receive an email before the trial period ends advising your free trial is about to end. Just reply to that email if you are not ready to subscribe. You can cancel your subscription any time by emailing

Yes. The first level subscription includes our automated sustainability reports, while the second level includes detailed sustainability reports that are tailored with comprehensive data particular to the company. The first and second levels provide the same actions and measurement functions.

We have short tutorials available, and support is always available. GreenKPI is designed to be easy and intuitive to use. We want to ensure you are spending time effectively and not working out how to use GreenKPI.

Click the add button at the administrator panel and you will be directed to update your subscription.

Yes, our invoicing is automatic.

Not yet, although we are keen to find out which ones are in high demand, so drop us an email us at to make a suggestion.

The annual subscription attracts a 20% discount.


The data we use from our subscribers is to aggregate the reduced impact on the environment and society. We do this to report an overall result that does not include any identifiable data. It is our way of showing the world what all your amazing businesses have done to make the world a better place.

Yes. We apply the same stringent security protocols with your data as we do with our own.

We are always keen to hear from our subscribers and those interested in GreenKPI. Our best ideas come from you! Please do send us a message at about anything we can help with or suggestions on how we may improve our service.