Frequently Asked Questions

GreenKPI sustainability management software

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Capture your resource use and share your good work with stakeholders.

GreenKPI developed a pricing model that is suitable for large corporations and small enterprises by implementing teams pricing.

The cafe around the corner will subscribe with one team while a chain of cafes will subscribe with a team in every cafe around the world, all working together in their transition to sustainability.

Sustainability is important for businesses to build brand trust by reducing environmental and social impacts. Efficiency gains on the journey to sustainability will also contribute to an improved bottom line.

Why is sustainability important for business?

Instead of a trial, we provide a detailed overview of the software with a demo that details what to expect from your subscription. In the unlikely event GreenKPI is not what you need to transition to sustainability, it is quick and easy to unsubscribe at anytime. We rely on providing value for money rather than lengthy lock-in contracts to keep on subscribers on board.

Sustainability provides actions that lead to efficiency gains and reduced resource use and costs. Higher efficiencies and good choices reduce environmental and social impact, which is important for brand trust, leading to improved sales. Staff love sustainability and are more likely to remain with organisations committed to positive change.

Mobile businesses use resources and have assets to track. GreenKPI provides the support to reduce resource use and track your assets, like cars and mowers, whatever it is you are working with.

Any size business will improve with efficiency gains. The dashboard provides for quick and easy monitoring of progress. The automated reports are useful to share with customers and companies, especially when tendering for contracts.

GreenKPI works well in corporations as the team structure of GreenKPI supports staff engagement. This is an important factor in improving efficiencies and productivity.

Tailored options are available to suit particular requirements. Send us an email at for more information.

Most people do. Once the idea of how sustainability can save money and be better for the environment, most people implement the ideas at home.

Features & Benefits

GreenKPI gathers a wide range of metrics across environmental, social and economic measurements.

Some measurements are quantities of resource use, while others are qualitative metrics.

We are regularly adding sustainability topics to continually support the transition to sustainability.

Emissions and biodiversity are our next planned additions.

Cost savings depend on the number and quality of actions that are completed.

As a guide to energy costs alone, most businesses save an average of 20% in their first year of transitioning to sustainability.

The automated sustainability reports capture data on actions completed and metrics uploaded.

Customisation is available with Premium.

GreenKPI is a web app. Our mobile app will be available soon.

GreenKPI’s is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

In Premium, sustainability actions are tagged to show alignment with standards and accreditations, such as the Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) and accreditations such as B Corp, allowing reports to be refined by selecting tags.

Premium has integrations with a range of data sources for automated data uploads.

By entering keyword/s, the  search function finds sustainability actions associated with the keyword/s.
The chosen action is delegated to a team member for  completion.

Yes, GreenKPI tracks assets for resource use monitoring.

Sustainability reports are designed to capture completed actions and uploaded metrics.

As actions are completed, reductions in environmental and social impacts are recorded. The downward trend in impacts is automated into the report, which is published to a URL, usually on your website.

The report is displayed as a rich infographic report so your customers can clearly see the great job you are doing as a responsible business.

Essential includes manual entry of data.

Premium has automated uploads available.

Administrators have full access to GreenKPI and the settings. 

Other team members have access to actions.

Each action has details on  why and how to complete the action, including a link to strategic partners to assist where available.

For example, an action may include an upgrade to eco-efficient refrigeration. A link will be available to a supplier in your area if we have one to offer.

The actions are designed to provide practical guidance on reducing environmental and social impact with efficiencies and exchanging potential harmful practices and products with safe options.

Social impact is improved with guiding practices that ensure the safety and well-being of staff and the broader community.

Economic sustainability is achieved with risk management, staff retention, resource availability, supply chain circularity with reduced loss of materiality value and increased sales when social expectations are met and brand trust is established.

Sustainability reports are designed to capture the good work carried out by your company and the resulting metrics showing a reduction in costs and impact.

Essential has the option to publish directly to your website or intranet as a rich infographic and interactive display that is quickly understood.

Parameters such as date range, locations, departments, assets and options around displaying resource numbers or trends are controlled by settings.


Yes, your data is transferable.

Tutorials are  available with new material added on a regular basis as our functionality grows.

Essential has online support and Premium has 24/7 online support and phone support during Australian business hours.

Click the add Team member button in your organisation page. You will be directed to update your subscription to add admins and or staff. Teams are grouped in combinations of one admin and up to five staff.

We have designed GreenKPI to be a global tool in the transition to sustainability. 

As the request for languages land, we will implement the highest level of demand for a language.


Your data is absolutely private.

Data is pooled in an unidentified manner to provide GreenKPI with a sum total of your achievements.

This as our impact report. Our Northern Star metric that the entire team is working towards.

We love showing off the amazing achievements of our subscription base and their impact on making the world a better place.

GreenKPI is highly secure with a range of encryptions and practices, including server selection, to ensure a high level of security of your data.

We are always keen to hear from our subscribers and those interested in GreenKPI. Our best ideas come from you! Please do send us a message at about anything we can help with or suggestions on how we may improve our service.