Frequently Asked Questions

Book a demo!

We prefer to show you around GreenKPI first. From there we can discuss the best way forward. Flexibility is key to helping you accelerate the transition to sustainability.

Mobile businesses consume resources, just like any other business. GreenKPI provides the HOW on “how to reduce resource use”. You probably have a lot of competition, while your customers are looking for businesses that are actively engaged with sustainability. Our live feed to URL dashboard style sustainability reports automate your completed actions and metrics. This removes any suspicion of greenwashing as there is a single point of truth.

Any size business will improve with efficiency gains. The dashboard provides for quick and easy monitoring of progress. The automated reports are useful to share with customers and companies, especially when tendering for contracts.

GreenKPI works well in corporations of any size. The team structure of GreenKPI has hierarchical and locations based data capture, providing a valuable combination of practicality and flexibility. 

Tailored options are available to suit particular requirements with our Enterprise Plan. 

Once sustainability is simplified, staff often take home a renewed focus on how they can save money and be better stewards for the environment. Although, many staff bring their ideas to work. Custom Actions in GreenKPI allows staff to manage up and have their ideas implemented across the company.

After your demo, we can provide you and your staff with onboarding, or just sign up. It totally depends on you and how much support you need to get going. Larger companies like to get started with projects, while smaller companies are ready to roll as soon as they have access to GreenKPI.

Cost savings depend on the number and quality of actions that are completed.

As a guide to energy costs alone, most businesses save an average of 10% to 20% in their first year of transitioning to sustainability.

The automated sustainability reports are based on a combination of actions, metrics and locations. You can generate as many reports as you like in any combination. 

GreenKPI is a web app that is accessible on any device with a web browser.

GreenKPI captures actions and metrics, providing detail that can easily conform to sustainability standards.

The optional automated metrics provides syncing billing data from invoices and receipts using OCR.

You can choose by Topic, or using the search bar by entering keyword/s. The search function finds sustainability actions associated with the keyword/s.
The chosen action is assigned to a team member for completion with enough information to complete the action. If a third party is required to assist with a service or product, there is a list of providers available to assist. If we don’t a provider, there is a link available to let us know and we will find a supplier for you.

Sustainability reports capture completed actions and uploaded metrics grouped into Locations and Topics, such as Waste and Energy. 

As actions are completed, they automatically update the sustainability report.

As metrics from invoices etc are entered in the metrics page, the charts in the sustainability report are updated to show the latest data.

Sustainability reports are displayed rich infographic and interactive reports so your customers can easily see your actions completed and your metrics. This transparency builds brand trust and avoids greenwashing by providing a central point of truth for your company.

There are a number of methods of adding data.
Manual entry, Excel bulk upload and automated with OCR.
Integrations are available to upload from utilities.

Administrators have full access to GreenKPI, including the dashboard, metrics entry, adding custom actions and the settings.

Staff are focussed on actions, so that’s all the access they need.

Each action has details on why and how to complete the action, including a link to strategic partners to assist where available.

For example, an action may include an upgrade to eco-efficient refrigeration. A link will be available to a supplier in your area if we have one to offer.