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Our flexible pricing model allows you to only pay for topics relevant to your business. There are no contracts and no set up fees.


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$33/per month
1 Topic
1 administrator
1 location
up to 20 staff

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+ $11/per month
1 administrator
1 location
up to 20 staff

Need something specific?

We can create your own tailor-made sustainability software. Let us know what your specific requirements are and we can provide a custom subscription to meet your needs.

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Topics release

Our goal is to provide 33 topics from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the global standard for sustainability reporting. Our long-term strategy is to align our reports with ISO standards and other reporting frameworks that support the trend towards integrated reporting.



Discover energy actions for you to begin reducing electricity and fuel use. The Energy Topic also provides guidance in developing an energy efficiency policy to better manage and maintain your changes. Use the dashboard to monitor and manage your energy use.




Waste is our next topic for release. Our Waste Actions will help you identify cost-saving practices and reduce the amount of material bound for landfill.




Water is unique. There is no substitute. Managing water efficiently will become increasingly important as populations grow and water prices increase.




Reducing emissions is a major challenge. Measuring and reporting your reductions is good for business.


Questions you may have before you subscribe

GreenKPI seems very affordable. Is there a catch?

No catch. Our mission is to help as many businesses as possible transition to a sustainable business model, so we don’t want to exclude any business due to their size.

Can I try the software before purchasing it?

Please contact us and request a free demo.
With hundreds of actions designed to start saving you money straight away, GreenKPI delivers value for money and return on investment, even if you subscribe for only one month.

Why can I only subscribe to the Energy Topic?

We released the Energy Topic first because we had to start somewhere and energy is a high pain point for most businesses. We will be releasing Waste, Water and Emission shortly, with more topics planned for release over the next 12 months.

Have more questions?

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