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No contracts and no set up fees.

Over a hundred actions quickly delegated in closed loop communications with contextual guidance.

Pricing includes automated Dashboard and Automated Sustainability Reports to monitor and share your efficiency gains.


Energy Topic



1 Topic
1 Location
1 Administrator
20 staff access

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For each extra:

+ 1 Administrator
+ 20 staff access

Enterprise software solution

We create enterprise sustainability software solutions for organisations with particular needs. 

Contact us with your specific requirements.

More topics

Topics release

Energy is our first topic available, packed with over a hundred actions designed to improve efficiencies and cut costs. Most organisations see a 25% reduction in energy bills in their first year of sustainability journey.

Waste, water and emissions are in the works, with scheduled releases in 2020.




Sign up to energy actions to improve electricity and fuel efficiencies. The dashboard shows trends and the automated sustainability reports make it easy to share your advancements to all stakeholders.




Waste is our next topic for release. With the circular economy advancing quickly, guidance is necessary to understand the role organisations play in reducing resource use and waste.

GreenKPI is currently working on the waste topic.

Tetra Pak discovered the benefits of the circular economy


There is no substitute water. Managing water efficiently will become increasingly important as droughts and other variabilities impact water flows and storage.

GreenKPI will have meaningful guidance available around mid 2020.




Reducing emissions is a major challenge. The need to measure and report  emissions will continue to increase as the world economy transitions to carbon accounting. GreenKPI will be ready to assist organisations with emissions later in 2020.


Microsoft developed this video to explain their commitment to carbon emissions reduction.


GreenKPI seems very affordable. Is there a catch?

No catch. Our mission is to help organisations of any size transition to sustainability.

Larger organisations will need a range of topics, while smaller businesses only need a few. 

The pricing model of fee per topic ensures any size business can afford GreenKPI.

Can I try the software before purchasing it?

With over a hundred actions designed to reduce costs straight away, GreenKPI delivers value for money and return on investment from day one.

We are confident GreenKPI’s value proposition is obvious in the first month.

It is super easy and quick to opt. Let us know if you find a better way to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. 

Request a demo.

Why can I only subscribe to the Energy Topic?

Energy is a high pain point for most organisations, so we released the energy topic first. During 202o there will be more topics available.

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