How much?
$33/month for each Sustainability Topic


1 Administrator with up to 10 Users
Step by Step Sustainability Actions
Unlimited locations
Resource use measurement and tracking
Interactive Dashboard
Unlimited asset tracking
Automated sustainability reports
Need more than one Administrator?
***$11/month for each additional Administrator with 10 Users

Enterprise sustainability software solution

We create enterprise sustainability software solutions for organisations with particular needs. 

Contact us with your specific requirements.


GreenKPI seems very affordable. Is there a catch?

No catch. Our mission is to help organisations of any size transition to sustainability.

Larger organisations will need a range of topics, while smaller businesses only need a few. 

The pricing model of fee per topic ensures any size business can afford GreenKPI.

Can I try the software before purchasing it?

With over a hundred actions designed to reduce costs straight away, GreenKPI delivers value for money and return on investment from day one.

We are confident GreenKPI’s value proposition is obvious in the first 30 days, so we offer free and full access to the sustainability software for you to experience the power of GreenKPI.

Let us know if you find a better and more affordable way to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, monitor resource use,  publish sustainability reports and build brand trust. 

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