Why is sustainability important for business?

Why is sustainability important for business?

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Sustainability in business has many advantages. 

Sustainability in Business

Several advantages of sustainability in business are enjoyed by organisations across a wide range of industries. The fact that sustainability in business reduces cost with improved efficiencies is now widely accepted. Customers demanding resource use efficiency and waste reduction seek proof of sustainability, meaning companies have an opportunity to increase sales with brand trust.  

Until recently, smaller businesses were not included in the global transition to sustainability. Now that supply chains are closely examined, small businesses supplying larger organisations are gaining a competitive advantage with their sustainability programs and sustainability reports.

Sustainability, in its simplest form, is the ability to endure. 

It is good business to observe resources flow and the costs associated with them. Sustainability encompasses this process of observation for both short-term and long-term impacts. 

Sustainable Practices

Sustainable practices are the implementation of sustainability practices and actions in the workplace that have measurable impacts. Sharing an organisation’s sustainability practice and efficiency gains using sustainability reports is a good way of establishing a positive reputation with staff, customers and community. It is important to remember consumers are wise to ‘greenwashing’

Staff want to work for sustainable companies, which makes sense as staff are community members. Engaging with staff on actions to improve sustainability practices builds a sense of involvement as a part of a responsible organisation.

For example: Energy

A good place to start with energy is completing an energy audit. It provides an understanding of  how much energy is consumed by appliances and fixtures. It is common for surprises to occur during  audits.

Sustainability practices reduce energy production requirements.

After implementing the many no cost and low cost actions that build a more sustainable business, then investing in retrofits and other innovative ideas and return-on-investment options that have resulted in high efficiencies, it is time to produce.

Clean energy is the other side of reduce. Produce is the next step by Installing solar or other suitable renewable energy generators to further improve sustainability and cost efficiencies. Switching to an energy provider who provides renewable energy is an option for clean and renewable energy when generation is not possible. The number of grants for renewable energy grows as the economics for the transition clearly shows competitive advantages. Governments around the world are supporting businesses and households to install solar systems and other renewable energy systems that are appropriate for each region.

Sustainable energy sources such as wind


Sustainability is about improved profits from increased efficiencies, reduced costs and improved sales, while being good community stewards by reducing negative impacts on the planet. Sustainability in business will ensure that business with endure for future generations

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