What is sustainability software?

Sustainability software provides guidance and metrics to manage the transition to sustainability. 

What is different about GreenKPI’s sustainability software?

Actions: GreenKPI provides practical actions across a range of Sustainability Topics. The actions are shared with staff by emails generated from within the GreenKPI. Engagement with staff accelerates efficiency gains and productivity while improving environmental and social equity.

Measure: Resource use measurements for monitoring and analytics for effective management. “Manage what is measured”.

Dashboard: Interactive design for quick overviews and trend analysis.

Report: Automated sustainability reports for sharing gains made. No time lost writing reports. 

GreenKPI’s structure of sustainability topics provides guidance and metrics across Environmental, Social and Economics modules.

GreenKPI adds sustainability topics and actions on a regular and ongoing basis. 

Energy, Waste and Materials are available, with Water, Biodiversity and Emissions scheduled as the next sustainability topics for release.

Sustainability topics available:

Energy – energy efficiency

Waste – divert from landfil

Materials – circular economy

GreenKPI designed sustainability software that combines three functions:


Step by step actions

  • Practical guidance in the form of actions
  • Staff engagement with delegated actions in seconds in closed-loop communications
  • Links to strategic partners at the action level to save time


  • Data collection
  • Analytics on impact
  • Identify trends for informed decisions.

Automated Sustainability Reporting

  • Reports including actions and resource trends.
  • Easily share with stakeholders.

Sustainability Actions

Sustainability actions provide step by step guidance to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies.

Closed loop communications

Closed loop communications on assigned actions, keeping the team on track. Nothing gets lost.


Dashboard to monitor resource use, trends and progress towards targets

Increased productivity

Increased productivity with automation and streamlined communication tools. Actions include links to strategic partners to assist with completing tasks.


Automated sustainability reports to global standards. Share progress with customers, staff, stakeholders and community.

Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing ensure return on investment for any size organisation. No contracts. Subscribe to topics important to your organisation.