What is GreenKPI - Automated Sustainability Software?

GreenKPI is Automated sustainability software designed for action.

Our vision is simple – our mission is massive.

We imagine a clean, green and equitable global supply change where businesses are profitable, the planet is healthy and people are sustainable consumers. 

GreenKPI combines three functions to advance sustainability:

  1. Practical guidance with assignable actions

  2. Measurement of resource use

  3. Automated sustainability reports designed to capture actions completed and subsequent reductions in resource through efficiency gains.


Step by step business sustainability guidance

  • Practical guidance in the form of actions, ranging from simple initiatives to innovative investments.
  • Start with no or low-cost in-house actions. Reinvest savings for upgrading to efficient technology.
  • Delegate actions in seconds in closed-loop communications supported with contextual information for practical guidance.
  • Save time and reduce costs with automated action status updates.

Measure, Monitor and Manage

  • Save time with automated data collection and streamlined communication.
  • Measure your resource use and costs with automated invoice uploads.
  • Monitor resource use with our smart dashboard. Identify trends and make informed decisions.

Automated Sustainability Reporting

  • Produce accurate, automated sustainability reports based on completed actions and resource use measurements and trends.
  • Share sustainability reports with stakeholders, including staff, customers and community, building brand trust
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