What is GreenKPI?

Our vision is simple; our mission is massive.

We imagine a clean, green and equitable global supply change where businesses are profitable, the planet is healthy and people are sustainable consumers. 

GreenKPI works in three ways:


Step by step sustainability guidance

  • Practical guidance in the form of actions, ranging from simple initiatives to innovative investments.
  • Start with no or low-cost changes. Use your savings to invest in upgrading to efficient alternatives.
  • Delegate actions in seconds which remain in closed-loop communications, so nothing gets lost.
  • Save time and keep everyone informed. Manage multiple team members with our cloud-based software.

Measure, Monitor and Manage

  • Save time with automated data collection and streamlined communication.
  • Measure your resource use and costs with automated invoice uploads.
  • Monitor resource use with our smart dashboard. Identify trends and make informed decisions.
  • Take the guesswork out of management. Manage resource use based on facts and trends.

Sustainability Reports

  • Produce accurate, automated sustainability reports based on completed actions.
  • Share reports to show your progress to stakeholders, staff and customers.

Introducing GreenKPI - automated sustainability software

Our mission is to use technology to empower businesses to make the transition to sustainable and ethical business practices. Our automated sustainability software provides step by step practical guidance with time-saving tools to monitor, measure and report on your sustainability journey.

The platform improves efficiency and productivity through automated data entry and streamlined communication tools. Your business can focus on the important and practical work of implementing sustainable practices.

Our flexible pricing model allows you to subscribe to topics relevant to your business. We also provide the option of adding more topics as your sustainability practices develop. We even support multiple locations so that sustainability can be managed at a local level.

With the ever-changing world, now is the time to put in place a sustainable business model. GreenKPI is your solution.

You’ll enjoy cost savings and improved sales while building your brand’s reputation. All this while making your business more competitive, agile and ready for the future.

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